The-Gentle-Grafter-A-Midsummer-Masquerade-by-O.-HenryVery light and easy story. Just seems to be summer, with its sunshine, grass and singing birds. All kind of air and is very simple. In “Summer masquerade” follows the adventures of two friends who were tired of work and decided to relax in some cozy place. Their destination was the hotel “Woodchuck”, located in the grove. Friends immediately liked the owner of the hotel is good – natured, friendly Smoke-Out Smithers. But the rest of the money for such adventures, of which they could not think! Of all the short stories by O. Henry, this was the most easy, but also carries an important lesson. For example, the secret becomes obvious and leads to not very good consequences.

At this time, the end of the story was not a surprise, as was the assumption that events will unfold that way. But still the story is interesting. And, it was funny, but with a hint of understatement. You can say that the story, as always, something teaches us what is really important, and it will always come up that spending time with friends is important and sometimes unforgettable. The characters are charismatic and memorable, to follow their adventures was interesting. And, of course, the humor was light and unobtrusive, this plan – “Summer masquerade” is slightly inferior to other novels of the writer. Not enough in it the subtlety that distinguishes the work of O. Henry. But still – very good.

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