The-Crimson-Witch-by-Dean-KoontzKoonz – meter horror books. If all the rest of his work written as “talent”, for which he is so famous for. The Crimson Witch is the center of everything to do with his creation is not worth it if you have a shred of self-criticism! Awful language! The same words are repeated in the same sentence three times.


This dragon with his tongue, then pink, then yellow got already – how much can you lick and clicking language? Someone here already wrote that the evidence of Jo just rolls over the limit – so, it seems that in all his books, because people don’t change. The main characters are simply not available. I have the feeling that the book is being read, and look at the pictures, a series of images from Boris Vallejo. The plot is so primitive, Yes, he’s not even there at all. All descriptions abound stamped phrases.

All bad. Relationship witch and Jake primitive. Love there is no smell, one big series of raunchy scenes. Same type type description a sexy chest, sculpted legs, chiseled figure, a stream of black curls, cast muscles… Horrible descriptions that are not suitable for great works.!!! And when in the book they say “podmahivat” – is generally a masterpiece! It should now all be consumed at the event without it! To read this the whole creation is boring, embarrassing and very disgusting. In General, the unit of the Lord! And best of all copies of this creation to burn forever, because of garbage we have enough in the literature.

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