MS.-Found-in-a-Bottle-by-Edgar-Allan-PoeTo understand the story was difficult. First, it is generally perceived as a story-an adventure story-a narrative. But then, everything is hiding behind the screen of symbols. This is a story about Life itself. About her cycle.

First, the main character remains on a normal ship, traveling to different countries, lands, visiting many places. He is skeptical, he is a realist, he is a materialist. This piece symbolizes Youth. Later, during a storm, which can be interpreted as a midlife crisis, he falls on the huge old, ancient mysterious ship. There on the deck of the wandering elders, not noticing anything, indifferent to everything.

After going through a storm, the main character was in old Age. He first tries to hide from it in the hold, but then realizes that he himself is something, nobody’s here. Here everyone is busy with their thoughts. Thoughts about his fitness, about his End. And he is coming. Ghost ship gets into a huge whirlpool, where it is relentlessly addictive. This Is The End. Is Death. The story is symbolic, like many other works of Edgar Allan PoE. They need to understand, they need to think. This you like.

Wonderful story. Edgar Allan PoE was far ahead of its time in terms of genre. You would like to relate a story to the genre of science fiction, after all, is repelled By most science fiction writers. Yes, and in many works we know, there are his quotes. As for the story, he resembles the likeness of the legend of the flying Dutchman. Or the Ghost ship.

In this sense, an interesting story there. In General, the story leaves more questions than answers. But, nevertheless, read it was pretty interesting.

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