Theater by William Somerset Maugham“Theater” is the only one of the most famous works of Maugham, where the main character is a woman (wrote and remembered “Pattern cover.” Oh, and re-read it). And “Theater” is the most stupid of Maugham’s most famous works. Fortunately, the author never once in my memory took on the burden – write on behalf of the woman. And according to the logic of events – should have been. Sincerely it is not clear – that many of his fans have found in the “Theater”, never in the eyes, who have not seen “The Moon and Penny”, “The Razor’s Edge”, even “The Burden of Passions of Men.” Having re-read the once lowly rated “Theater”, he did not change his opinion about him, although the attitude toward the author himself in recent years has changed to almost the opposite. Now Maugham is one of the favorite writers. He sometimes meets some phrases of this kind, which you will not only not quote, you will not tell them about.

“Theater” is artificially popularized by Maugham. The author specially chose this topic to entice the townsfolk, having in mind, of course, the Shakespearean theater, not on the stage, but in life. But few people paid attention to this. In general, any commercial methods of the writer, people consider the norm, but only not if it concerns the author with the already established reputation. From the “Theater” is something really cheap, there is in it something rude, Fitzgerald.

The main idea of ​​the “Theater”, which has nothing to do with what is connected with the “Theater” is the policy of the thought itself. What Moyem conceals much about, which is silent especially, and clearly developed thought quickly leads to the side without even putting a question mark – all this suggests that he does not have a low opinion of his own audience. With its naturalness and organic truthfulness, this does not fit absolutely, because the numerous cheeky lies that are not very evident, but still definable in his works, as well as elements of the biography – here you can only take off his hat before Maugham. The man lived a very busy life, he wrote a ton of beautiful works, but he concealed his real face. How delightful and how true it is. “Theater” has its own meaning, at least in some ways.

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