The Mysterious Affair at Styles Synopsis

The literary debut of Agatha Christie is perceived as a good workout. Interesting, mysterious history and stylish, with all the attributes befitting the occasion – a home in the suburbs, by a handful of strangers, mysterious and terrible accident – in short, everything is in place … but something is wrong.

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Here a great number of characters, events, trivia and other nuances, but they are surprisingly easy to settle in the memory. Just as easily, probed the investigation: the actions and thoughts of the detective, as a rule, fairly predictable and obvious. If, for example, the witness oath Poirot assured that a cabinet balcony is quite impossible to consider a garden fountain, then on the next page for some reason, the detective wants to go on this very balcony. And if you show up at the crime scene, sugar tongs, he goes to talk to the cook. Logically, of course, but it somehow hurt easily.

It is the same with the main suspect: any reader knows exactly what the killer can not be the one whom all suspected.
It knows and detective. Therefore, for several chapters of it dissuade everyone else present in the suspect’s guilt.
Given that we knew it from the start (the axiom of any detective novel), then follow his reasoning is not something that would be very much fun.

Later, when the event is gaining momentum, reading becomes more complicated and more interesting.

You will not be able to keep track of every detail, and keep in mind every hitch, and now at this moment, somewhere in the middle distance, the detective finally catches up and surpasses the reader. Now you have not to wait for him, and catch up

And then … the final act. And you realize that all this time, all running in the wrong direction. Of course the ending is unexpected !. But, damn it, really unexpected and very cool. And most importantly – in the iron framework of the cold logic.

However, if we are to be honest to the end, the end of the story – it is not a case about which say that all genius – simple. It’s all very easy. For all the details of the puzzle formed one to one, but it would not have happened in the mystical universe of output, Christy had to string up the theory of probability and give each other some extremely rare events.


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