The-Secret-Adversary-Agatha-ChristieIt is known that in addition to Agatha Christie‘s most famous cycle about Hercule Poirot and Jane Marple has smaller cycles – about Mr. Parker Pyne, about Tommy and Tuppence Beresford. That’s just the first about the intending spouses Beresford, it, in fact, describes how the union began.

Ended the first world, young people from ear to ear full of energy and adrenalin, were out of work. You can call them whatever you like, for adventure hunters, adventurers, it does not matter. The first client, the first task – to find a girl, about which other than the name and, moreover, that she was saved from drowning “Lusitania”, is not known.

And then it began to spin in the best tradition of spy novels. And here I would say – in the worst traditions. Quite vaudeville act consistently at the right time in the right place there are the right people, the number of disguises (in the literal sense and in the sense of personality changes) is infinite, no one is who he is … Date spies as parody, do not believe, if Agatha Christie wrote it. Number One and Number Fourteenth, special knock on the door and a secret password ( “Please be quiet, I say gave silent … we have a society and secret meetings”), the sinister beauty and gentlemen with a hypnotic gaze, kidnappings and runaways, and of course Russian trail. The chapter ends with a blow on the head of the hero, and then he finds himself in a society completely operetta villains, tied his hands and feet. Then miraculously saved, again in the battle … And all this under the watchful care of the future of MI6.

Ends all wonderful, all recompensed with justice and heroes have found each other and their vocation.

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