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Name of eBook: ‘Salem’s Lot
Author: Stephen King
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature
Available Download Formats: ePub
The book «’Salem’s Lot» by Stephen King

Review and Quotes: As the author himself says in the Preface, he wanted to bring «Dracula» by Bram Stoker in modern America in a small town. He imagined what would happen if vampires appeared in provincial inland town. For the Stephen King book ‘Salem’s Lot is a true literary experiment. When I was looking for something to read from king, and I compared lists with recommendations on the bunch of different sites. Shoveled the whole, that is to say, the Internet.

Most often liked «The Stand», «It», «The Shining», «Misery» and now «’Salem’s Lot». The first two I set aside for the future, «The Shining” I read ‘Misery’ for the future, and ‘Salem’s Lot’ small in size and praised him. Many wrote as they were scared after reading. The face in the window! At night, no sleep! Horror as scary. I didn’t realize that the face in the window, but decided that I was waiting for something incredible. What something sweat a little like «The Shining».

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