Dracula Synopsis

In Dracula, an epistolary novel, a young and naive Jonathan Harker acting on behalf of his law firm, travels to the Carpathian mountains, to conclude a sale of the estate of Transylvanian aristocrat count Dracula. He even could not imagine that this trip will put at risk all that he loves. Count Dracula was a powerful vampire who sleeps by day and feeds on the blood of their victims at night. After the appearance of Dracula in England, he is targeting the inner circle of Jonathan and his fiancee Mina.

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To stand against the wiles of Dracula, Jonathan will have to believe the most ridiculous superstition about vampires, and, in company with the legendary vampire hunter Abraham van Helsing, to confront the nightmare that will not come even in the most terrible dream.

The novel of Bram Stoker written in the form of the body from various records, mostly diaries, rare letters and scrapbooks, nested in the coveted booklet of the main characters. According to their records we learn first about the journey of Jonathan Harker to Transylvania where he was in the thrall of Dracula, thenabout the illness and death of poor dear Lucy, the brides of Jonathan, and the strangeness that surrounded her, the research of Dr. Seward and Professor van Helsing


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