The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri EPUB/MOBI

The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri EPUB

«Divine Comedy» – it is a real legend and one of the surviving monuments of medieval literature. Comedy, in which there is nothing funny about it, but only serious topics, such as the fall, lack of faith and the salvation of his soul, as well as the detailed arrangement of the underworld. In the Catholic world, the underworld is divided into three parts: Hell – sinners, purgatory – a place to atone for their sins and Paradise – for the Blessed. Each of them is divided into different number of laps, with a different construction of the place.

So Hell is a funnel, the narrow end of which rests on the center of the Earth, Purgatory – mountain, which rises in the ocean, and Paradise – scope, spanning the planet. Each circle contains certain people who have earned it a place of his human life. For example, in Hell for each person has his own circle and the sin of his material, so forgivable. The very concept of circles of Dante borrowed from ancient authors, which he did not hide.

The story itself is quite simple – Dante lost in the woods one day and met the poet Verligiya, who offered to show him the world, hidden from the eyes of human beings, and meet with the deceased beloved Beatrice. The author does not hesitate to hit the road, having been at the center of the Earth and in the heavens, and met a lot of famous classical and Italian leaders. The whole trip was like a dream, and I waited for the writer wakes up.

«Divine Comedy» – a synthesis of classical mythology, Catholic Christianity, medieval culture and Italian history, in particular the city of Florence. Dante with terrible hatred describes his hometown and the people who drove him. Often I had the feeling that the whole poem was created only in order to denigrate, shame and throw mud at his former fellow citizens, to show how the “white and fluffy” author once he was allowed such a journey.

Also, the comedy is a good advertisement of a righteous life and the election of the Catholic faith, for in Limbe (1 circle of hell) noble antiquity (Aristotle, Homer, etc.) were collected and Muslim (Saladin) figures, which have not known the religion of «the true God».

In general, it is very curious, interesting and informative, and the poem seems to me that it is necessary to read more than one or two times, to fully understand and feel it.

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