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I can say the following – Adventures of Sherlock Holmes starts, fasten your seat belts, sit back and get ready for reading. If we divide the career Doyle into segments, it is Sherlock on it occupies a large part of which has grown the talent of the writer, but the time of publication of the first book it was nowhere near as rosy. You can come up with enthusiasm for reading books, remembering the many different adaptations, and you can just pick up and read, without giving themselves the right to go in the direction of serious conversation. Doyle has created two remarkable characters – of Holmes and Dr. Watson. The rest – a prologue, nothing more.

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In many ways, of course, it affects the beginning of the creative ways Doyle, who had behind them not so much to write a book to so quickly become a master storyteller. There are always exceptions, but Doyle for them misses, turning “Etude” in malouvlekatelnoe investigation, followed by a long and tedious story about the killers motives of his life and a sense of classic Wild West, causing confusion, as if someone specifically inserted in the book fragment a completely different story, and, most likely, not Doyle. Of course, the second part written by Doyle, but instead of a more sophisticated approach to the first part, where you expect to see the unwrapped method of deduction, allowing Holmes to disclose any offense, you see an instant rise in hot pursuit, allowing the result to find the perpetrator.

What surprises in the plot of the book – a certain detachment from the world of Holmes and his relaxed attitude to other people’s success, albeit that these successes will all be required to personally Holmes. He takes it from the height of the inner philosophy to the greatness of his dignity, leaving unravel deal with a sense of accomplishment, but with gratitude for the newfound knowledge … and nothing more. There is no arrogance and boasting countless monographs, koi simply have taken place in the literary activity of the detective, that apart from him, and did not read, perhaps, no one.

This Holmes is completely earthly man, never looking on the right to practice it. Of course, you can understand when a person is more interested in the structure of the ashes of cigarettes or the properties of the soil, but why not see beyond their own noses. If Doyle begins to assert that the Earth revolves around itself and the sun and moon just hanging in the sky, not allowing for practical proclivities anything, maybe a writer with the right, but there is a feeling some resentment for Holmes, is transformed from a detective in similarity bizarre laboratory, whose range of interests is very limited.

The writer is always right. Especially when it comes to completely invented their characters and everything that can happen around him. Let Watson became secretary at the detective, and all other circumstances adapt to the work of the deductive method – it will all be very nice wrapped in a soft or solid cover, where on each page the reader will catch the delicious moments of erudition, based on more than a happy coincidence.



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