adventures-of-sherlock-holmesSherlock Holmes is one of the greatest characters, which gave to the world Arthur Conan Doyle. And although the hero could be the worst criminal and a sower of chaos, the author has made Holmes a decent Englishman, with a set of skills in various fields of science and a remarkable ability to think and reason, to see that which others do not notice. This character remains to this day an example of motivation to learn to think wider, to observe and to draw conclusions.

Reading the works many readers are completely immersed in the work and along with the hero by reading about the mysterious circumstances of the different cases, trying to come to any conclusions. And often, clues lead readers to delight or surprise even more.
Every case is unusual and mysterious. Every time the characters are waiting for new dangers and adventure.

This is an amazing book which has no equal in the genre of detectives.
I want to go back in time and warmly thank the writer for a great gift to the world for the consummate Sherlock Holmes.

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