Heart of Darkness by Joseph ConradPolish classic of English literature pretentious told us about the decay of the human person. The book «Heart of Darkness» by Joseph Conrad is a short story, but read slowly and strained. No, not because of bad language or philosophical distractions. The thing is heavy, oppressive atmosphere that the first pages of envelops you and does not let go even after reading. The action begins at the mouth of the Thames. Novikov-Priboy wrote about these places as follows: “From here through some three hours you can be reached to London, to the vast and misty capital, where some mysterious seasoned movers and shakers of the world’s politics”. Surprisingly, Conrad wrote almost the same thing.

The shape of the story – a sea tale, told in anticipation of low tide. Everything seemed in a daze, recognizable, but no name. Here and conditional Belgium and conditional river Congo. And, therefore, conditional Congo Free State, the notorious private possession of the King of Belgium.

Conrad writes about how no other white people, without the usual conventions of high moral officers, agents, employees become … In whom did they turn? The monsters? Savages? Inhumans? He himself does not know, but it is a loss of civilization, reviving bloody instincts, surrealism of what is happening in the “primitive” river plunges his hero in horror, the real horror, which does not leave him then, and in London, and the city, similar to the “coffin sepulchres. “

All functions poorly, people spend weeks and months in a meaningless anticipation. Rare internal network stations connected only river, which sometimes goes on constantly breaking down the ship. And around the space, the history of which has not yet begun, is stuck in the “beginning of time”.

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