Finders Keepers by Stephen KingKing of Horror Stephen King has always been able to intrigue readers, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that he gets so good to write detective stories. The book «Finders Keepers» became the second novel of the trilogy of detective – pensioner Hodges. The novel begins with the events of 1978, when the house of the famous writer John Rothstein break robbers in ski masks. One of these uninvited guests, Morris, Bellamy, is an adent admirer of Rothstein, who became famous thanks to the trilogy of teenage rebel, Jimmy Golden. Here are just a fan that did not like the end of the trilogy, where the main character settled down and became “like everyone else.” Morris for this “betrayal” so much angry with the author that he was ready to kill him. This brings to mind another novel about obsessive female reader – “Misery”.


After killing the writer and the taking of his money safe with a lot of notebooks with unpublished works, the robbers are hiding from the crime scene. For Morris, the money does not mean absolutely nothing, but the manuscript – priceless.

He waits impatiently opportunity to read them in the hope that will continue the story of Jimmy Golde, but fate decided otherwise. Bellamy goes to prison, though not for murder but for iznosilovanie. To his good fortune, he managed to hide the money and notebooks. That’s just sit him by the court for life. To die in jail Morris did not have to, it is released under an amnesty after 36 years of imprisonment.

Already in the pre-retirement age, he goes free with only one thought: to quickly get to the notepad and read it. But he still does not know what a treasure it has found the boy, whose father was among the victims at the hands of the driver of the Mercedes at the fair vacancies in 2009. Morris do not like it, and he will do anything just to return his treasure. To help the boy comes a trio of detectives from the first part: Hodges, Holly and Jerome.

Will the good guys defeat the bad? Whether we are waiting for a happy ending, as in the first part, or the King will spare readers and add the tragedy and horror? Find out the answers to these questions from the new Stephen King novel “Finders Keepers”. Here a sharp detective story is intertwined with the everyday problems of crisis America. The characters are deep and multilateral, is experienced not only positive but also negative characters. It seems that many readers will be similar feelings experienced Morris Bellamy: a desire to quickly read new work by his favorite author. Many sympathize and share no easy writers who sometimes become hostage to his work, and if not treated by readers as a typewriter, as a tool, which is obliged to share his talent with the world.

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