Pride of Baghdad by Brian K. VaughanDuring the break between the outputs of the Saga I decided to look at other works by Brian K. Vaughn. «Pride of Baghdad» tells the story of what was happening in Baghdad at the beginning of the war in Iraq. The plot of the comic is based on real events. In 2003 year, the Baghdad zoo was one of the largest in the middle East.

After the shelling of the city zoo has suffered including. Part of the walls were destroyed, the Rangers saved themselves and their families, not animals. In the end, we remained locked in cages without access to food and water. Was left to die. Someone escaped. Like lions, for example, and horses, which was referred to the lions a little bit to eat. If you are interested in details, here’s the news about the events on National Geographic. Of the 600 inhabitants of the zoo after attacks Baghdad survived only 50 animals. Took out the story about the escaped lions and moved it into the language of comics.

It’s a short novel, only 130 pages. I liked the work of the artist. It’s not Fiona Staples, but Niko Henrichon conveyed the atmosphere of chaos and terror of what is happening. The colors are chosen so that the reader feels the heat on the streets, dust in the air and related to that smell. However, the work Won I was disappointed. He shifted human behavior for lions. It’s not even the incarnation, and the idea of animals as they would a child.

Towards the end I had an oppressive feeling in the stomach (and no, it wasn’t hunger), and I began to fear, tearful end. That, unfortunately, has come true. Tearful melodramatic end amid the moralizing of the author. I really, really don’t like moralizing in books and comics. Especially when it comes from poor anthropomorphized lions (and other animals).

I understand that this is the position of the author and his perspective on American foreign policy, and even somewhat agree with her. But the same idea could be transferred more accurately and less clumsy.

I will not go into details. The rape of the APE, which the author used to give some drama and depth has not added any book points. Some phrases of the characters, too, was forced to pull your toes from embarrassment.

The good news: There is learning from its errors and 6 years later created the Saga. We all make mistakes, but it is important to recognize their mistakes and strive for the best. Here, now I’m sounding moralistic phrases! And all this comic book.

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