A Tiger in the Kitchen A Memoir of Food and Family by Cheryl Lu-Lien TanRecently became an active user of the reader’s community, and became involved in active operations. We are talking about the challenge from the website of lovers of reading Book Riot. In one of the activities needed to find and read a book author from South-East Asia, and within other ‘food memoir’.

As all fans of procrastinating, I put these books in a drawer, until I realized that the time is actually already gone (10 days before the New year!). I had to go dig up the recommendations of the group of participants the challenge on Goodreads, where I got a combo: book author from Singapore (Southeast Asia: Yes) with memories of her family and culinary traditions (food memoir: Yes). «A Tiger in the Kitchen A Memoir of Food and Family» by Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan is a book of a journalist, which began with articles on style and fashion in the major publications (NY Times, Marie Claire, InStyle), and then decided to learn to cook. For what it is (like the hero of the previous book) returns home to Singapore.

However, before she got laid in his edition, but most importantly of all be able to benefit. Perhaps this is the most saplaya book that fell into my hands this year. Initially, I was interested. Cheryl recalls his childhood as the father wanted a boy, and then she was born as her family focused on education and career, and in the kitchen it is not even allowed (which is unprecedented for a Chinese/Singaporean traditional standards). How she managed to enroll in an American University, leave, and then successfully start to operate.

But since it was homecoming the text was a liquid, full of colloquial vocabulary which infests the narrative, and simply not holding your attention. The book is not hard enough editorial hands. And the most probable reason she was not carried away me: I am indifferent to food preparation and to read a memoir about a kitchen adventure for me is akin to torture. But in the challenge has put the last two ticks!

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