Saga by Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona StaplesBrian K. Vaughan, co-producer and screenwriter of TV series «Lost», and Fiona Staples created one of the coolest comic book at the moment called «Saga». The first issue was published on March 14, 2012, was completely sold out. Since published 5 volumes and the new comic books are coming out about once a month, all of them came 33.

The narrative begins with the birth of hazel, who tells us this story. Mother hazel Alana and her father Marco to relate to two alien races. A small problem is that these races hate each other and systematically destroyed in the ongoing war.

That the war did not bring discomfort, both races gave it to outsourcing and are now fighting on foreign soil, on other planets. The inhabitants of those planets choose for whom they, otherwise they get soaked. In principle, they will still kill, just someone later, someone earlier. Alan and Marco fought every over your planet, but seeing how, in practice, the war looks, and that there is nothing heroic in it, but there is a gut and brain baby, doubted the correctness of what is happening.

Marko surrendered voluntarily in captivity, and Alan, because it does not show the proper zeal, was sent to dirty and not respectable job guarding prisoners. That is, we have one staunch pacifist — Marco and Alan, one forced pacifist, which also just had a baby. And all the others are hunting them because they are traitors and should be exterminated. So they still have sex?! And gave rise to some freak mutant? This is… a crime against the Motherland! Kill them all!

The Saga is not purely sci-Fi comic; a mixture of NF and fantasy. Is the place to be magic, and at first it did bother me. I’m a fan of good old science fiction with even remotely rational explanation for what is happening. And when suddenly out of the sticks flies out blue fire… Well, OK, but we’re not at Hogwarts? And not even in middle earth? Around actually a high-tech spaceship, wifi throughout the galaxy; the magic here is somehow inappropriate. The first issue I struggled with such thoughts and questions such as “M, that is, snow can cure any disease, if you use magic?” But after the second issue I sucked. Thanks to the art of Fiona Staples. This is the magic, in our world, it looks like this:

Saga 001 (2012)

“Saga” is the first comic that I read with pleasure. Long ago I honestly tried to read “The Walking Dead” (to finally stop watching the show), but I just couldn’t. These black and white drawings and endless editions of made me sad. Superhero comics are not exactly evoke in me any feelings. Their popularity in the world due seems the need to close the Gestalt in boys (whose age is one hundred years). I have these gestalts, so the comics are by me. Saga is not a comic about superheroes. This is a family Saga (as the name implies), taking place on other planets, with the participation of magic and science tricks. Here all vulnerable and die anyone can. People like people, and I believe them. Heroes Saga speak and behave more realistic than many characters from books that are popular now. I believe them, so no problem to believe in the wings, and in telewizorek instead of the head and interplanetary ships of wood. The only serious claim by the authors that the portrayal of women in comics.