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Name of eBook: An Untamed State
Author: Roxane Gay
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«Inside The Third Reich» by Albert Speer is a unique book. The world was lucky that the top of the Third Reich was a man like albert Speer. After spending twenty years in Spandau, he published his memoirs, and thanks to them today we can look behind the scenes of the government of Nazi Germany.

The story of Speer is quite unusual. An ambitious young architect in the early thirties wants only one thing: to design and build. By chance he met with Hitler, and after a few years, Speer called “personal architect of the führer”. At least Speer did not hold any governmental posts, he spun in the apex of the Reich, was a frequent guest of Hitler talked with Himmler, Goering, Bormann and other infamous personalities of that period of history.

Speer saw many “Palace” intrigue that took place at “the yard” Hitler (otherwise it will not name), and in this book he brings his memories of them. In the second half of the Second world war Speer was the Reich Minister of military industry. Before him now were other tasks that were vital to the state; he became an officer and was involved in many “Palace” intrigue, a bystander where he was before.

Speer tells a lot in his book about the struggle for power and for the attention of Hitler in this period of his life. All this accompanied by constant arguments Speer how was Hitler as he came to power, how he held power and how the Third Reich came to a decline. The author tries to be honest to yourself and to the reader, and blames himself stronger than the judges at the Nuremberg trials. Being perhaps the most innocent of convicted elite of the Reich, Speer tries to make excuses and not show yourself compassion.


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