Shoot Like a Girl - Mary Jennings HegarPublished in 2006 the novel tells about a woman who returns after his father’s death the family home of the Jews-the Orthodox in London, where her father was a famous Rabbi. Many years ago she ran away from her suffocating religiosity of the family.

Now the woman will have to perform the traditional dual mission: to mourn his father and to collect a single heirloom — mother’s candlesticks for Shabbat. However, the meeting with the beloved cousin and forbidden lover, a former passion of youth, inciting the woman to the old passion, which again is a threat to the traditional way, causing alienation in a friendly family.

Hagar three were on mission in Afghanistan as a pilot search and rescue helicopter. 29 Jun 2009 the major helicopter was shot down during a routine mission. But she, despite injuries, fought courageously against the Mujahideen and saved the lives of his crew and the wounded they were carrying. For which he was awarded the Purple heart and flying Cross.

But that war Hagar did not end there: after she long and fiercely fought for the rights of women in the military in court, arguing that attempts command to remove the representatives of her sex from military operations are unconstitutional.

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