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Name of eBook: Look Who’s Back
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The plot of the book «Look Who’s Back» by Timur Vermes is simple to a disgrace. Hitler (which is clear from the cover) woke up in Berlin in August 2011. How is unclear, one thing is clear — he is here again. Without the army, the Reich Chancellery and cute eve with Blondie. What will he do next — in fact, this question book and answers. If “the Love for three zuckermann” I called the most controversial book of the year, the book of Timur Vermesh can in good conscience award the title of “the most provocative book of the year”.

Hitler has long served as a humorous character in art. The beginning of this glorious tradition has put Charlie Chaplin with his “Great dictator”, and in our time Comedy involving Hitler simply do not count. Fans watch Louie met him in “South Park,” “the simpsons,” “Futurama,” “Doctor Who”, “Monty the Python” and “Garbage”, not to mention the endless parodies of the film “Bunker” on the Internet (see for example).

Over Hitler laughed and parodied, but “Look Who’s Back” — the phenomenon absolutely different order. Why? Yes, because the question arises — can the Germans to laugh at Hitler? Where the ethical lines? Given the number of victims of the Second world war, people are anxious perceive when any fact about the war or Hitler question, or at least put him in the discussion.

I should say from the outset that those who blood covering the eyes just at the mention of the name Hitler, the book is not worth reading. People literally perceive everything, too, suggest — many people somehow felt that the author expresses through the mouth of Hitler in the book their opinion. You feel the same way — still what is considered “Crime and punishment” by Dostoevsky confession in the murder of two elderly ladies.

Cynicism, sarcasm, black humor — these are the three pillars Vermesh. However, with all my love to this trio, I had to force myself to read further. The matter in the “sagging” of the plot. The idea of the book just fine, but the events of the plot is not too saturated. Hitler discovers TV reporters, he leads his own show, according to workers of TV Comedy, while he preaches the fundamentals of national socialism seriously, he becomes popular and gains followers, the final. And followers until the end and don’t understand what they follow. Version Ormesa — Hitler was an incredible charisma that he led the crowd.

What is the only episode when the crew, after the news about getting Hitler TV awards with the obedience of the herd throws his hands in the universal ecstasy, chanting “Sieg Heil!”. And this in a country where is forbidden to act as fascists. Not to mention the fact that here and there the characters refer to the protagonist of “mein Führer” and again pull the arm in the Nazi salute. Like Hitler leads the Wraith to the people around. They are talking about one and the same, referring to the opposite things, and as a result they are satisfied.

Despite the absurdity of his statements, others are beginning to find sense. Me not very familiar with the situation in Germany, everything was clear, but a satire on the everyday problems of the Germans still read. In Germany has sold over 1.4 million copies (each in €by 19,33, a reference to the year Hitler came to power — 1933). Apparently, the Germans like the humor, and maybe the fact that before talking about Hitler in a humorous way was taboo, and Vermes broke it.

Vermes created a child, which carries the idea, this is not a book dummy, it will be read and reread. The book is already making a movie that will be released next year.

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