Mastery by Robert GreeneRobert Greene in his book «Mastery» describes a lot of the stories, with details from the lives of such greats as Mozart, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Marcel Proust, Teresita Fernandez, and many others.

For example, he tells how you can achieve skill from scratch, as each one was able to find yourself and become who he is. The most important is the attention to himself and his desires, because each of us deep down knows exactly what we are born into this world.

Autistic people, people with disabilities, rich or poor, no matter by whom, and in what part of the globe we were born, what language we speak, we all have their desires, Hobbies and talents. If you think that you do not have them, you are wrong.

Readers say that during reading of the book kept stopping to find on the Internet more detailed information, biographies of all these people, for example, Mozart’s music, the work of Santiago Calatrava and Teresita Fernandez, an article about Daniel Everett and his incredible stories about the piraha tribe of Indians, biographical film “Temple Grandin” with Claire Danes in the title role. Of course, desire and interest is not enough.

To become a master at anything takes years on this case. You need to examine it from all sides, trying and making mistakes, trying again. Explore other interesting areas which, subsequently, linking it all together will give really stunning results. The problem of people only in the fact that they want all at once. But water, as you know, wears away the stone. You need to act. Every day.


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