Battlefield Earth A Saga of the Year 3000 by L. Ron HubbardRon Hubbard – the man who most of his life was devoted to writing about the possible future of the planet. His books differ brilliant detail of events. Every detail thought out and the plot keeps in suspense until the interchanges.

In the book «Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000» events will unfold in the year 3000. About a thousand years, the planet is under the control of the alien invaders. Their interest is purely economic, in particular ore planets are rare for their homeland. During the stay of aliens on Earth, there are only some handful people in different parts of the world. And in a mountain village tells us about a young guy – Johnny Goodboy, which differed from childhood stubbornness.

In the village he has a reputation as a smart-ass, uppity, but who could know that this guy will save the planet… How can a handful of people will be able to fight the alien army? Creatures that are twice the average person, which are considered the most developed creatures in the galaxy? What happens in humans? Readers can not mention how brilliantly transferred captured the world. Reading some points sometimes confuse them with reality. Very interesting to watch how people find the fruits of the lost civilization and use them for their own purposes. All fans of science fiction this best seller will have to taste. Since there is not a dry account of battles, namely the description of all a Herculean effort to win.

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