The Secret Keeper by Kate MortonIn the book «The Secret Keeper» by Kate Morton, we are introduced to the family of Nicholson. Mother of Dorothy was already in a very advanced age, on his deathbed, and her older daughter, Laurel, who have ten years tormented by one question: who was that stranger that appeared on their doorstep when she was 16 and why the mother killed him. Because the official version about a vagrant weirdo was created not without the help of her testimony, in which she was not truthful. Who the hell is Henry Jenkins? That kept their mother Vivian Jenkins? Why she never talks about her life before marriage?


To find answers to these and many others questions Laurel will have to return to military London early forties and really shake up the lives of several people. But in addition to her investigations, the author shows us the events of those years from the face of Dorothy, Jimmy and Vivien.

Dorothy. Stupid, self-centered girl, prone to fantasy. A good imagination, you say? Oh, no! This is not imagination, and the rejection, in my opinion. When a person ceases to see the distinction between the real world and the world he invents himself. Sooner or later, worlds collide and either have to face the truth, or to find extreme fault. Dorothy chooses the second option…And how I hated it! Until recently, I could not understand why, for the author gave her a second chance she didn’t deserve and only the last page I tried with this fact. Great ending, spreading everything in its place!

Jimmy’s fiance, Dorothy. Very nice, honest and decent young man. He fell in love with Dorothy, when she was still an innocent teenage girl when her dreams have not crossed all limits and boundaries, and her craving for material possessions at any cost not marred the beautiful features. He really came to my liking and I was very worried for him, especially given the fact that the husband of Dorothy he did not.

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