The 48 Laws of Power by Robert GreeneThe monograph «The 48 Laws of Power» by Robert Greene is not the author’s work in the strict sense of the word. Robert green not reinvent the wheel. De facto this excellent compilation, what they teach students in the first year (if they are not taught in school) and what are their first scholarly work. Of course, the compiled nature of the work does not detract from the quantity and quality analysed by the green mountains of literature. The structure of the book is also a little similar to a study, rather a reference book.

You are no productions of the purpose and objectives, methodology, analysis of the collected material. No, everything is easily available. One law corresponds to one Chapter containing a brief content explanation of the principle of action than the risk of non-compliance, there may be “costs of production”. All this is backed by numerous examples from world history (political, economic, cultural), folklore and literature.

And for better memory read, the author offers is not new, but very effective mnemonic system used by magicians and card players: one law – one sight it reveals. In contrast to the physics textbook, which is impossible to start reading from the middle or backwards, a textbook of power green to read in all directions and from any place. Contrary to cynical content and interpretations, the author is not an apologist for immorality and hypocrisy.

The mistake is to assume that after the “The Sovereign” by N. Machiavelli, R. Green raises a shield deceit, duplicity and cunning. On the contrary, as the celebrated Florentine, the author acknowledges the ambivalence many “tips”. But the choice of tools and the extent of its use each defines for himself. If You carry a knife, it does not mean that You do not know how to resolve conflicts peacefully (in the end, Rambo first tried to negotiate).

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