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«Zen in art of writing books: Releasing the Creative Genius Within You» is a collection of essays by Bradbury, which were written in different periods of his creative activities. In these essays he discusses the nature of creativity, says something about their personal creative experiences. For example, how to write, when not written, or where to find ideas for their works.

Some essays are just speculations and thoughts, although not speak, because Bradbury is speaking to its readers, nothing else. Others are based on some of his specific stories. That is, he tells how he was born or that story, what memories, impressions and thoughts pushed him to sit down at a typewriter and create another small masterpiece.

It should be noted that this book will be very interesting for all those who want to write their works. There are some tips that will help aspiring writers, and interesting thoughts that will make you think about some of the aspects of creativity previously remained out of sight. In addition, these essays just incredibly inspiring. Only postponed the book, having read the last page, and already want to go write something of my own.

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