Men At Arms (Discworld Novel 15) by Terry PratchettScandals, intrigue, investigation – this book has all of the above in large quantities. And many other things. This is a real detective with the steps, analysis of evidence, logical calculations, car chases… And, of course, Ankh-Morpork adds spice to everything going on, although, of course, all problems are very well known for wearing masks.


Doesn’t matter what the minority comes in the Night watch. More importantly, what they do there. This is a story about how important it is to be human in all circumstances, and about freedom. In fact, it does not matter the species and method of restriction of freedom. And the Troll and gnome can be quite people.

Even a small smelly dog can sometimes behave like human beings. But freedom is always limited, if someone starts to decide for others. Often very simple and desirable to comply with the order of another, instead make the decision himself. By the way, in the perspective of freedom and subordination interesting story of Big Fido and his pursuit of freedom. Unexpected, but very vital.

In the Night watch are representatives of specific minority groups: dwarf, Troll and … a woman (everyone thinks she was taken because she is a woman). Dwarves hate trolls, trolls hate dwarfs, people hate those and others for fights and riots. In General, no tolerance. And if suddenly someone will kill gnome, it did clearly a Troll, who else?

So, in this book the Guards investigating a series of mysterious murders, this is a real detective, of course, with humor and even a love line. But it is not important, the important thing is that Terry Pratchett in the background of all this fun madness rise pretty serious topics: you always need to remain human, even if you’re a dwarf, Troll, or … a dog. And the theme of free will, the management of people (and dogs) are very serious. And corporal carrot is so Mature, that of a naive village boy turned into a man dreams of. And he allowed the simmering political conflict!

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