Reaper Man (Discworld Novel 11) by Terry PratchettIt’s something totally awesome: the book, which is simultaneously laugh out loud and almost cry from sadness. An amazing cocktail of humor, funny situations, weird characters pricewatch, absolutely touching and sentimental moments and thoughts about eternity.


So, in this book the Death of, like idiotic as it may sound. Yes, grains of sand in the upper part of his hours there are very few, so Death leaves his post and finds himself an ordinary human work for sixpence. Oh, and Death also becomes a man – porridge in the morning, dreams at night, like all normal people.

The storyline in this book — just perfect. Especially the final. Terry Pratchett describes in the book all the details. For example, detailed description about a rooster who suffers from dyslexia, perfectly well! And the Discworld is crazy, because Death ceases to perform its functions and in the world gives a surplus of life. And outweighing the sad the line with Death, the author comes off in full.

Then you and the society all kinds of omertvlenie fighting for their rights, and Mrs Cake’s daughter, and a gaggle of magicians, trying to somehow affect things happening around the mess, and crazy and appear out of nowhere carts on wheels (and then not just a truck, and truck-soldiers).


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