Guards! Guards! (Discworld Novel 8) by Terry PratchettTerry Pratchett has the magic of a fantastic language. He writes beautifully and with irony, it is easy, but not simple – he has a lot of unusual similes, metaphors and puns – they seem to be able to author with the same ease as regular proposals. In addition, he has a lot of different allusions-references that just can be confusing.

Need to know various myths and English classics, in order to adequately evaluate them all. They may appear literally out of nowhere: for example, in the form of gossip, which will discuss the two third-rate character. And try to guess them all. I also like that this book is not the same as traditional fantasy.

There are no heroes, beautiful princesses and other clichés (although local, of course, try). And even if there is, then somehow it all goes topsy-turvy: the heroes and not heroes, and dragons are no ordinary dragons, but the magic, on the contrary, the most that neither is normal.

“Guards! Guаrds!” – work from a large series of books about Discworld, the first subcycle about the City watch. At the beginning of the book the author honestly warns us – do not wait! The city guards have to keep the situation under control.

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