The Light Fantastic A Novel of Discworld by Terry PratchettOn a Discworld carried a star, a big, red. It’s bigger than the Sun, it’s bigger than the turtle, on which stands the Flat world, it is even bigger than the flat world. What should I do? Mages at the University in bewilderment. Meanwhile…. We continue the journey with the «tourist» Toflowers and the worst wizard of all the Discworld with Rincewind.

Last book ended in a rather strange and now difficult for them to understand where they are, what to do, where to go. And yet, these strange voices in the head of Rincewind, who do not give rest. This book is great! It’s funny, there are many moments that make you smile and laugh.

It is easy, despite all the adventures and all the dangers that there are in the book, you can read everything very simple, no worries about no heroes, because well, not with them something happens. It is interesting, unlike the first book “Magic color”, this story has a more definite plot, it is much easier to understand what was happening and the book seems more solid.

The series clearly begins to unfold, the world begins to become more full, but in a Flat world is so much more interesting. This is a huge, multifaceted world which can be approached from very different angles and from the perspectives of very different characters. I will definitely continue reading this series and continue to collect a huge puzzle called “History of the Discworld and its inhabitants”.

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