Hogfather: (Discworld Novel 20) (Discworld series) by Terry PratchettVery atmospheric story at Christmas. Funny characters, which are just Fairy Fun and the God of Hangovers Census. And here are my favorites – the Death of Rats SQUEAK and crow. The villains are also funny, family Bellili who are afraid of passion as his already deceased mother, which, nevertheless, managed to drum into them the main principles of life. And killer Tchai-Tchai interesting, though negodyaya one another. Academics of the Unseen University, I’m not particularly fond of, but here they were in place.

In this story, is involved, the granddaughter of Death, who works as a governess and wants to be normal, and that everything was normal, and no, she did not even bother periodic need to swing the poker. Alas, grandfather’s genes (if I may say so, of course) not going anywhere, and now Susan is with God on Hangover (the poor man) trying to understand what is happening.

Not without academics, who on the eve of you hear rang out “Ding-Ding-Ding”, and now the fairy of fun (not fun and throws in tears, not just that) or a monster that devours socks, at your service. Be careful to think in a world in which liberated huge amounts of energy.

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