False-Memory-by-Dean-KoontzThe Ghost of the flying petals melts in the colors and light of the moon. It is this innocent-beautiful haiku gave rise to a series of dirty and unethical crimes described in the book Dean Koontz “False memory”.

At all, theme, of course, an appalling. During the information war, when using the throw-in print and on TV lie war erupted between the friends, relatives, peoples, read a book, where one mad genius with the help of seventeen syllables interwoven with Japanese haiku poets could to control the people, just extremely scary. You hear the name and become submissive, you hear three lines and you fulfill any whims of the doctor to whom the destiny entrusted. …


He was a high-level genius, yet he was a player, not a Creator. He had a talent for games, for inventing new ways of using toys… And toys in this case – ordinary people. However, as and always. Dean Koontz is not a superficial writer. And that makes it even more interesting to read it.

Each of his characters, even the most episodic, is written out with scrupulous care. Every action, every detail of the situation, events, as if in a three-dimensional world, live a convex life, creating an atmosphere of presence around the reader. Phobias that affect heroes and pushing and pushing, doctor games put out, chase, inflame the passion, and the weapon makes you want to grab it first.

Everything is thought out, everything is carefully planned and painted. However, it can play a cruel joke. Until the story finally unfold from the tangle, a pleasant feeling of expectation does not leave the reader. But then you do not notice the volume at all. And when all of a sudden it’s over, the reader feels a little cheated – why so quickly? The only reason, for those interested, needs to tell you a bit about the plot.

The book is really worth reading, but it must overcome first and only boring barrier. The plot is as follows: the evil genius doctor psychiatrist mark Ahriman decides to play games. Bored with life in the world, possessing unlimited power over people, but using these opportunities for the sole purpose of healing. He is developing a way by which he has the opportunity to penetrate into the subconscious of their patients and program them as you like, while remaining always beyond suspicion.

The best entertainment at the same time – slowly and surely to bring a strong healthy person to complete collapse and to allow her to self-destruct. And even better to destroy a couple of other unsuspecting innocents. While Dr. Ahriman a gambler and likes the risk! He leaves his victims with a lead, a clue, a clue that the victims might suspect something. Will the key fall into the right hands? And will these hands be able to use it?

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