Wolf Hall by Hilary MantelThomas Cromwell, Thomas Wolsey (cardinal Wolsey), Thomas Moore, Thomas of Norfolk, Thomas Cranmer, Stephen Gardiner, Boleyn Howards, the Seymours, Suffolk, the personalities, who left the red thread trace in the history, the people, whose gorgeous images are drawn in the procession by the pages of the Hilary Mantel‘s novel. Heroes the book «Wolf Hall» discern only that one of them got all the good by constant work, and someone inherited, do not make the effort and not beating the legs of the butter. But they caught the reign of the odious personality of king Henry VIII.

They all wore silk and dipped in mud, hated and envied, twisted intrigue, and did devise plots, trampled faith, went over the heads, no stranger to get your hands dirty of blood of tortured competitors and the ashes of burned enemies. Indeed, like the wolves in wolf hall, they had bitten through the throat of opponents and bowed to the strongest. They all lived on the block in a constant state of waiting for the executioner. However, the fear did not prevent them to turn out from the grasping hands of sovereigns and competitors, to take from life everything and more than was allotted them.

And the king only made them equal, just had this urge to snort, and dance, defending their own, along the way appropriating someone else’s and trying to keep a bowler on his shoulders. However, sooner or later, the luck they have changed and they are caught in the middle substituted the bandwagon, went straight under an axe or burned in the fires, kindled for the satisfaction of passion of the king.

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