I Do, Babe by Tillie ColeThe book «I Do, Babe» by Tillie Cole Review and Quotes: The brothers were in the yard behind me. I could hear the Stones playing and my brothers laughing and f*cking joking around. Phebe was back. AK was back to his usual self. Life was back to normal for a while. I was sitting on the bench in front of Hades and Persephone’s mural. My Fender was in my hands, a smoke was in my mouth, and bourbon sat to my side.

As always, Waits came from my guitar strings as I inhaled deep breaths of tobacco. My fingers played my favorite song, the one that always reminded me of Mae. “Again,” she’d said that first night she’d awoken in the compound. I’d opened my eyes, as I’d played alone in the bar, to see her before me, my fucking dream come true, speaking in that weird accent she still had.

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