It by Stephen KingOne of the main themes of the book «It» by Stephen King is the growing up of a person. The author tries to figure out where is the line between adulthood and childhood. In this book, we can trace the change in the characters, the motives for their actions; it’s the reason that they grew up like this and not others. Such features of the plot allow me to call this novel a psychological one.

The novel is set in the fictional town of Derry, but its existence is hard not to believe – so it all worked out. King not only made the geography and infrastructure of the city, but also filled its large number of characters. Moreover, they are not formulaic, each of them has its special way of life, often associated with any of the city’s history. About the main characters, you can write a separate book. There is no typical “hero”, “guy”, “sage” and other archetypes. Each of the characters is special.

Yes, they have a certain quality that distinguishes them from others, but it is rather a typical trait of people in General, not the idea of the author. The only extra character I think. Perhaps he needed a king to depict how frightening was It, and how it can affect the life of the character. But then why was it necessary to make this hero the main and give him so much space? The author tried to “revive” Stan some features, such as the love for birds, but for me he remained “faceless guy”, who I constantly confused with Eddie. The main antagonist is interesting for the abundance of their images, but at the same time, there is no psychology. His cosmic origin is combined with a little speech and his actions.

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