Absurdistan by Gary Shteyngart

Absurdistan by Gary Shteyngart«Absurdistan» by Gary Shteyngart – the novel is a satire about immigrants and post-Soviet realities. His main character, prosperous in every sense of the citizen of America Misha Weinberg, is the great, true American dream – multiculturalism. So he understands the ideal of human society, free from the costs of the capitalist system, religious bigotry and chauvinism. Your best eight of the thirty-years Mischa spent in new York, becoming a real American, who, however, really interfere with the lives of his Russian past.

Once he arrives to the father-the oligarch in St. Petersburg, but because of the murder committed by his parent, the US denied him visa back. As a result, imprisoned within his former homeland, Misha finds himself in one of the former Soviet republics – Absurdistan, hoping to get a Belgian passport…

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