Matterhorn by Karl MarlantesThe book «Matterhorn» by Karl Marlantes deserves to like readers and critics. The author made a smart move, he simply literary worked on his own experience, Marlantes was a reserve officer of the marine corps, at 24, was sent to the Lieutenant – commander of platoon of the best of the marine corps in Vietnam, and he had there become a hero and even get the Navy Cross, so much so that he barely remained alive. Actually, the whole book describes his service in Vietnam. The strength of the book is that there is no catharsis, discovery, awareness, enlightenment, obscuration events just go on as usual, which adopts one or other of the awful direction, but nevertheless there is absolutely no pathos and other unsavory readers of rows that all in the end die.

Although Marlantes “all” for the most part died. But he somehow introduced it is not a universal tragedy, and part of the process of war, which is the main tragedy, but not death, which he produces and which is only its consequence. No one wants to fight – and all go into battle. The author does not display no morality, no glorification, no one makes an angel or a villain, everyone, including the protagonist, happens in one degree or another and that and the other, under different angles and in different situations. As noted by the readers, the surprising sobriety of the book is its key artistic dignity.

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