Life of Pi by Yann Martel«Life of Pi» by Yann Martel – a novel that at first glance is simple as ABC, but Yann Martel and the Yann Martel, to lull many of the arguments, and then at the last moment to turn the world upside down, forgetting to put back. In this little work, everyone will find what have been looking for. It’s not just the story of a journey of self-discovery.

«Life of Pi» by Yann Martel is a small mirror, which reflects all human vices, passions and virtues. Each of us has something bright and valuable – or Vice versa, dirty and dark – it will not see when they first meet, and why, here it is necessary to hide deeper and the nose does not show until the time comes to act. Save. To kill. Find. Flushing. To live. To go over the line. I turned the last page and thought for a long time that sometimes don’t know who around you is a real friend and who is enemy. The question of trust is very thin ice. That loneliness is a force more powerful than any tsunami that can kill and put on his knees. I don’t know what really lurks in my soul, something in me more, good or evil, cruelty or mercy. And not sure I want to test this truth for strength. As a result – difficult reading, multi-layered novel in which the most-most secrets, the reader will be able to find only closer to the finale.

«Life of Pi» by Yann Martel – the story, though quite fantastic, but it is quite hard, that there is an episode of eating zebras. In a sense, it would be difficult to read multiple arguments about religion, God and their place in human life. But if you leave it all behind, if you don’t focus on the episodes in General, get so fascinated by the essence of the story that momentarily take your breath away.

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