Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth GaskellIn an era when psychotherapy and applied psychology had not yet emerged or not in Vogue, writers played the role of some psychological appeal and , at least the best of them life was devoted to the exploration of human nature. Gaskell is amazing. She is in a hurry. It starts from childhood. It immerses us into the world of the main character quickly, but not without strain, and very organic. On the pages of this very long, and besides, the unfinished novel, the action moves slowly and the characters of people emerge gradually.


Another phrase in the dialogue, even one small act of character, another brilliant author’s observation that Gaskell is famous for and which we have conquered the “Cranford”, and we’re up and live the life of characters and with them, slowly, understand the world, others and, most importantly, yourself. Young heroine has gone physical growth and moral formation. Humor is humor, and Gaskell it is beautiful, but in some of the situations in which a clever writer has put his clever and honest character. Gaskell does not idealize, in any case, but her character goes through all the tests with flying colors, staying (or becoming in the process) a great man. How often do we give up, break down, give in to the situation and put spiritual purity at the end of the list of priorities. When Victorian novels are good, they are beautiful.

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