Lightning-by-Dean-KoontzIn the center of the story again of time travel. There are not traveling into the past and into the future. From 1944, where Nazi Germany a group of scientists, researchers invented the Gates of time in order to see into the future what the new weapons and data to help win World war II.


These trips are called “Rapid transit”. Literally-lightning: wherever there is an alien from the future, the atmosphere thickens so much that lightning, in consequence of the release of enormous energy. When is born Lara Shane, was very strong storm. Lightning flashed as if the whole earth wants to split into two parts.

At the time of its birth from the past arrived two men, one of whom has long been in love with her and become a personal guardian angel, and the second arrived to kill the girl. Who is she, and why it is such a hunting on the one hand, and enhancing the protection and correction of the future with the other? What role she took in this story? The New Sarah Connor? But then how all this is consistent with travel from the past?

All this is so promising it attracts to the book. Narrated about her difficult orphaned childhood, about the orphanage and foster homes.

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