The Life of Charlotte Bronte by Elizabeth GaskellElizabeth Gaskell was friends with Charlotte Bronte, rarely met with her, and often corresponded. Letters known to have been a very important means of communication in Victorian England in particular, and in the 19th century in General. The letters described a long history, was discussed at length news was expressed and substantiated opinion, were the real controversy was written very real critiques. Letters of the 19th century – this in itself is an extremely interesting genre.

So, as you know, Charlotte Bronte died young, and her father asked Gaskell to write a biography of Charlotte. On 600 pages of this passionate and unforgettable book, Gaskell expressed so much love and admiration my friend, much deeper understanding of the circumstances of her life, so much subtle psychology in revealing the nature of not only Charlotte, but all of the talented Bronte, this biographical masterpiece, still be counted and will continue to read. Very detailed story, with lots of letters most Charlotte and letters to her, very detailed, slow, careful disclosure of all that Gaskell knew about brontë herself, and that she was able to find in letters, diaries and other sources. Very thorough job, but at the same time, very inspired and passionate. And even today, some literary critics say that in this biography of inaccuracies, and some facts are not facts, based on hearsay gossip, and that the biography of this very sentimental and subjective.

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