Modern-Rural-Sports-BY-O.HENRYThe collection includes not only con adventure, but ocalotarie stories about the much-hated rogue’s other types of thieves about thieves and bankers. Small, simple stories, with a good sense of humor.

In front of you – NOT another textbook based on the distorted (reduced, simplified, etc.) the author’s text.

Before you first of all, an interesting book in a foreign language, and present “live” language in the original, the original.

You don’t need to “sit at the table and start training”. This book can be read anywhere, like on the subway or lying on the couch, relaxing after work. Because the uniqueness of the method lies in the fact that memorization of foreign words and expressions occur implicitly, by their frequency, without SPECIAL learning and the need to use a dictionary.

There are many prejudices on the subject of learning foreign languages. That they can teach only people with a certain mindset (especially the second, third language etc.) that it should be done almost from the cradle and, most importantly, that in General it is a complex and rather tedious exercise.

But it is not so! And successful application of the Method of Ilya Frank’s reading for many years proves to start to read interesting books in a foreign language! This book will help you overcome an important barrier: you gain vocabulary and get used to the logic of the language, saving a lot of time and effort.

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