Life-Expectancy-by-Dean-KoontzThis story begins about a family confrontation between circus workers and the pastry shop, impressive and rather scary. Angry clown with a painted face in the reflections of the storm – is not a character for a Thriller? Good, really creepy.


The fierce look of bizo capable of stopping not only clock, but time itself. As well as to initiate a series of tragic events for Jimmy Current, born in the night of the first appearance of the clown.

Shortly before the appearance of Jimmy in the light, his grandfather predicted five terrible days in the life of a grandchild. A merry life he prophesied boy – expectation of trouble on schedule, in accordance with the dates identified by the grandfather.

The constant fear of the unknown, the only weapon against which will be the eternal optimism of the family of bakers.

The discovery of secrets of universal scale. It turns out, safes for no reason on the head did not fall, and in the parks of tourists waiting for the rabid squirrels. At the same banks were watching the victim, the killer, disguised as a 50-year old woman. How terrible to live…

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