Tick-Tock-by-Dean-KoontzWhat movies, what books, with all sorts of dolls-murderers, always lead to confusion. Because here we are talking about simple laws of physics. Dolls terrorize, slaughter the adults and all that jazz. As-udto on planet Earth canceled all physical constants. Otherwise, no way to explain that the person (mass 60 to 90 kg) can not cope with a doll weighing a few pounds.


But Kunz did not disappoint here.

The match was not with a doll and creature not much worse than “alien” from the movie, and gradually increasing in size. Moreover, Kunz even took into account the difference in weight between “doll” and man, he mentioned it and creates a believable duel, taking into account possible objections of the rationalists.

The dynamics of the weak can be called except at the beginning of the novel, while there is familiarity with the main character, but once he gets a doll – the story takes off and rushes to the finals. Individual fatty bonus, the quality is even overlapping the mystical component of the novel, a romantic line.

The kind of girl that a running horse in a burning hut will cram, without complexes, without brakes and very sharp-tongued. Of course, quite simple, linear Thriller, but is read on hurrah.

I must give credit to Kunz, he masterfully creates the atmosphere. Already with the first lines felt the approach of something sinister, unnatural, causing the icy body chills chills and want to spin out the head in all directions in search of the source of the threat.

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