The Gentle Grafter by O. HenryYou can’t imagine what can people with a fondness for art. These strange personality, often broken, with a missing eye, with sloppy movements and not understood by the common layman thoughts and ideas.

To steal a famous painting? To take lessons in the teachers world-class? For hours to study one or another subject to at least a second to get closer to their ideal dream? Lie? Dodge? To go to any tricks? You have no idea how the same assumptions closer to the truth. And how far they are from the truth. What man is capable of for the love of art? It’s very simple. “When you love Art, no sacrifice is hard.”

To work in the Laundry, instead of giving music lessons, either to heat the boiler in this Laundry room, instead of to draw. Secretly from each other. And all because they love Art?

No, just because like… It is not something that resembles the “gift of the Magi”, these two stories are almost a carbon copy of each other. Both written in 1905, and the actual time interval between their creation probably even less. The plot is almost the same reception, the same characters — a young married couple, other little things outstanding kinship stories — all of this in the case of a different author it would be an occasion to charges in a creative crisis, the writer has no new ideas, even plagiarism from himself. But not this time. So damn well written, so luminous and good this story is so warm is my heart that both these stories will forever remain in your heart.

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