Witches Abroad (Discworld Novel 12) by Terry PratchettDangerous and unpredictable craft fairy godmother. Especially if the position along with a magic wand, unexpectedly gets a relatively young and inexperienced witch, the Magrat Garlick. Without the help of the elders can not do here. Realising this simple truth, it is voluntarily and selflessly taken aunt very respectable age, the winner of our vast experience in the absence of experience – Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg.


The nanny Ogg – the optimist on life, a lover of folk songs and the lady with the experience. Her cat grebo, one-eyed beast, which even the dogs are afraid, is able to pohihikivali purring and loves to scare wolves and alligators.

And Nanny so famously explained with the local natives during a foreign trip that forever won my heart and became an idol!

Granny Weatherwax – strict, stubborn, and hardworking person. A great expert in his field and extremely bad mentor. Masterful galeolaria that was brilliantly demonstrated on the card sharpers, who after meeting with the witches can begin to stutter at the sight of old women and cards.

Magrat is the youngest witch. She’s still mastering the craft and looks for himself. Thanks to her, I will not be able now to look seriously at the pumpkin and carriage. And perhaps the dwarves and the mine (if you ever see them). And wearing jeans, I remember how people gathered to stare at the “woman with legs”.

That part of the book, where witches travel to all of these foreign countries, getting to Arley incredibly funny and entertaining. Read and rest, charged with optimism and great mood. In adventures in Orley appears a note of sadness, forcing, once again, to rethink the tale of Cinderella, fairy tales in General and stories about zombies to complete the picture.

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