The book «Mr. Mercedes» – a novel by American writer Stephen King, who should be the first book of the trilogy, what 10 June 2014 King said on its official Twitter account. The book tells the story of a retired police officer who after retirement trying to get to the truth in unsolved crimes, which makes the driver of “Mercedes”. In the midst of a criminal investigation of former police officer pulls a dangerous game that leads to unpredictable consequences for all participants in the event.

The first novel was published June 3, 2014 the publishing house Scribner. The action takes place in the late 2000s, in a small American town. Hundreds of unemployed are early in the morning in the queue for “job fair” and, suddenly, out of the morning mist appears the car brand Mercedes and crushes them. As a result – eight killed and fifteen wounded, Mercedes disappears (he was subsequently found abandoned; traces of hacking is not – it was opened a proprietary key), a killer police called “Mr. Mercedes,” but to attack his trail can not (no evidence, criminal cunning ). After a while the hostess hijacked “Mercedes” was subjected to harassment of citizens for a possible connection to criminal ends suicide (as it later turned out – after receiving a letter from “Mister Mercedes”).

Detective Hodges, vedeschy the case and handed to his successor, retires and is in a depression, as missed work and did not know what to do. However, after about six months, he comes from an “Mr. Mercedes.” Letter decorated “brand” smiley and written in a mocking tone: it is the killer taunts retired detective. The sender suggests that those suffering from loneliness, to find a good way out – suicide. Instead, stung to the quick Hodges begins his own investigation, and soon he appeared assistants – Jerome and Janey, and later Holly.

The narrative is at the same time and on behalf of Detective Hodges and on behalf of Brady ( “Mr. Mercedes”) – a young boy who lives with his mother working two jobs (in a computer store and glass transport), a computer “genius”, constructing all kinds of electronic stuff and blasting device.

Later they find out that “Mr. Mercedes’ wants to set up a terrorist act in concert, which will be more than four thousand people. During a concert at Hodges has a heart attack, but Holly and Jerome have time to find and neutralize the maniac. Holly does “Mr. Mercedes’ head injury, from which he falls into a coma. Heroes are awarded medals. After seventeen months in the hospital, “Mr. Mercedes’ comes out of the coma.

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