White-Teeth-by-Zadie-Smith«White Teeth» by Zadie Smith is a typical family Saga, the book, which tells about the lives of several generations of a family. It has no explicit story, but the story of how the twentieth century was for specific families and what tests they made life, and ends in an amazing coincidence, interweaving contemporary events and consequences of decisions taken in the long gone days.

In General, this book, which they call «cosy» – got into the story of the family enjoying their everyday life and global problems over generations. Ironic, sometimes sad, sometimes very funny, if not frankly ridiculous, and easy to read with interest.

But what distinguishes the book «White Teeth» from the bulk of these books is the selection of characters and the issues raised. This piece is about immigrants in London. About their relationship with the indigenous population of the new country, on emerging misunderstanding between fathers and children who were born in another country, the extremes of the normal colour of the population of religious fanaticism and progressive secularism adopted in Europe, which nevertheless has significant drawbacks.

All this – the consequences of the colonial policy of England, which resulted in a century giant of the migration experiment. Time for new people with diverse skin colors and cultural mess in my head that don’t fully understand how they live at all – the experience of generations is no longer the assistant.