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One memory. One very special summer. The only thing Bliss York lost when fear and illness swallowed it, it’s those moments that will never be marred by harsh reality… until now. Bliss York has not lived a normal teenage life.

She didn’t go on Friday nights for football games, roamed the corridors of the school with her friends every day, she wasn’t at the prom, not to mention the fact that she wasn’t even on the diploma of graduation. She was fifteen and it was out of her, she had a diagnosis that no one wanted to hear. She had leukemia.

Seven years later, after a summer spent together with the girl, which he knew was his first love and that he will go further in life, Nate returns to his bride to help her run the shop. When a new employee enters the store, Nate returned to seven years ago, the memories of the girl he thought would love her forever. To the one who never answered his phone calls, to the one who never answered his messages.

The one which withdrew from him, not said goodbye and broke his heart. They were different. Those Teens, whose eyes reflected the stars, no more. But it doesn’t matter when your heart still says “favorite”. Abbi Glines wrote one of the most amazing novels about love, and of course the book «Like a Memory» is a crown of creation of the author.


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