Winter Moon by Dean Koontz

winter-moon-dean-koontzThe author created this novel, having revised the earlier story (the first option was the novel “Ice prison”). Of course, it turned out better than with the “prison”.

It is clear that the revision of the novel was an increase in the volume of the text, and this increase was carried out by the author by increasing the introductory part. As a result, the plot takes exactly half of the novel. At the same time, everything about the storyline of the police – again, but it reads boring and under-skill: “This is Koontz?”

By the way, for the storyline with the old man at the ranch koontz can say “Thank you!” Not for the first time. Because one of the elements for which all enjoy reading his books, is that Koonz somehow gives explana-tion every dirty trick in his novels, even mystical or fantastic.

No, Koontz habit to say “there was SOMETHING incredible and surprised everyone”. He must somehow describe that something, where it came from, will tell. Evil have him materially. Either a maniac or demons, in which you can get a bullet and so on. And in this novel, thanks to the line of the old man, the reader at least have an idea where there was described the evil.

The fascination of the second part of the novel allows us to conclude that the highest score deserves the novel for sure.

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