Desperate-Remedies-by-Thomas-Hardy“Desperate Remedies” – this is one of the first novels of the writer, not very warmly accepted by critics, but showed the undeniable talent of the author. The main characters of the work: Enias Manston-predator by nature, handsome in appearance. He is a nice guy.

Citeria gray – a standard example of a cute creature, sacrificial and loving his beloved to the coffin Board (of course endowed with the beauty of the true – soul, as well as a pair of angel’s eyes, delicate skin and beautiful hair, otherwise we would never get to the beauty of the soul).

Edward Springrove is another positive character, as usual blackened in the beginning, but built at the end of the rank of knight of Her Majesty. At first glance this piece is quite unusual for works by Thomas hardy, as the second half of the story the author draws the readers in a purely detective story (although you need to remember that for the average reader of the time greater importance was a fascinating story, bathed and social problems of society). The plot of the book is quite simple: an innocent lamb (Citeria) falls in love with a friend of his brother (Edward), but he, for some reason, led only by him, constantly delays the final explanation.

At this time the heroine is arranged in service to the rich lady and meets the charming bachelor Manager who falls in love with her at first sight, but he constantly takes his eyes off the beauty of Citeria. So what’s the deal??? What are the secrets behind the facade of decency?.

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