dark-rivers-heart-dean-koontzThe plot, of course, is brilliant. Some muddy type is looking for a barely familiar cute girl with a very dark past. At the same time, they are both looking for an extremely strange illegal intelligence service, headed by a sociopath. In fact, the biggest serial killer in history. Intrigues immediately.


A good feeling does not ruin the stamps (the type of reflection at the main positive hero) and not very believable moments (like the fact that Roy calmly opened eve, even without planning in advance her then killing). They create a Supplement to the novel.

The main surprise – the final. Let the current storylines and closed, but the display of further actions (and plans) characters or as a hint of WTO-Rui book difficult to call. It is felt that the novel closes completely re-sannou history. However, of those Thriller Koonza that do not contain elements of mysticism and fiction, this is clearly one of the best.

Does the main character, a man, a former commando who has lost the meaning of life. Does the heroine, good, very good, angel, lonely at the same time. Heroes meet-and a man takes on the meaning of life in love. At this point, it appears that the woman (or both) are threatened by some unknown Almighty power. They’re starting to run. And run, run, almost the entire book. And then they get bored and they decide to equip a trap and give your enemy re-Saudi battle. And of course, they win.

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